Advanced Persistent Threat Detection by Using Network Analysis

aptdetector is a humble try to gather all means of malware detection

from network analysis in one place, for educational purposes only. what has been done so far: * Network Sniffer, sniff network for passing urls and files

APTDetector is tested against Python 3.4, 3.5, and PyPy

See what’s new by checking checking the CHANGELOG.


APTDetector can be added to a project in a few ways. There’s the obvious one:

pip install aptdetector

Then, aptdetector is just an import away:

from aptdetector.network.sniffer import URLSniffer
sniffer = URLSniffer
sniffer.pcap_file = 'sample.pcap'

However, due to the nature of utilities, application developers might dependencies. See the Integration section of the docs


Please do not use this program in production!! it’s an educational project only.


Found something missing in the in aptdetector? something is broken in aptdetector? First, take a moment to read the very brief Architecture statement to make sure the functionality would be a good fit.

Then if you are very motivated, submit a Pull Request. Otherwise, submit a short feature request on the Issues page, and we will figure something out.

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